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January 19, 2009

Thinkwell Surpasses 75 Million Exercises Delivered

Publisher of multimedia-based college courses delivers its 75 millionth online exercise.

Austin, TX—Thinkwell, the leading provider of web-based video instruction, passed a major milestone by delivering its 75 millionth exercise to students early this college semester. Thinkwell has also released an impressive metric indicating the effectiveness of its courses: the average student using a Thinkwell math course watches 200 video lectures, which represent more than thirty hours of study.

Thinkwell's CEO Carl Tyson said, "This milestone is an indication of how technology has become integrated with the educational process. When Thinkwell introduced its products, online exercises were not in the educational mainstream. We are delighted that students' daily interactions with Thinkwell's multimedia content are in strong contrast to the low utilization of traditional textbooks."

The data regarding the average Thinkwell student addresses the main plight of many educators: to increase student interaction with content that helps the student learn.

Thinkwell videos feature award-winning teachers and professors who make complex math, science, and social science topics easy to master. In a recent survey of Thinkwell users, 96% of students preferred learning with Thinkwell to learning with a traditional textbook. Instructors finally have an alternative to the age-old problem of students not reading textbooks.

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